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Chapter 24: Nutrition, Metabolism, and Body Temperature Regulation I Introduction A. Defining health 1. Earlier times: infectious diseases 2. Today: degenerative diseases a. Top 10 causes of death B. Life in the land of plenty 1. Fast food nation: eating phenomenon of the 20th century a. Obesity "epidemic" b. Cholesterol, salt, trans-fat [not to mention lions and tigers and bears, oh my!] 2. Physical fitness? [Let's get physical? Not on the job for most of us. ..] II Nutrition A. Let's eat! [But why?] 1. Energy [with ATP being the "energy currency" of the body and accept at fine cells everywhere; don't leave home without!] a. C alorie [to understand energy dynamics within the body, we first need to know something about the measurement of energy. The process of calorimetry (kal- f8e5 o- RIM-e-tr f8e5 e) measures the total amount of energy released when the bonds of organic molecules are broken. The unit of measurement is the calorie, defined as the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one gram of water
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2422010WtrOutlinesC24Nutrition - Chapter 24 Nutrition...

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