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Participant Assumption of Risk Notice (Top section to be completed by Instructor(s)) I, the undersigned, voluntarily desire to participate in the following activity sponsored by Bellevue College (herein after referred to as the “College”) and instructors. Activity Oceanography field trips Date(s) of Activity (various) Instructor(s) I further understand and agree as follows: In consideration of and based upon my decision to participate in this activity/trip/class/workshop, I understand that I am undertaking this trip as an independent adult, and that neither the college nor any of its agents serve as guardians or insurers of my safety. I agree that I voluntarily choose to participate in this activity and I am aware and understand that Bellevue College will have limited access or ability to provide any special services associated with physical or emotional needs that may arise during the trip. I acknowledge that travel to a foreign country may involve some danger and possibility of harm or injury. I am also aware of other possible risks involved, outlined below.
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