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SEATTLE AQUARIUM WORKSHEET NAME ______________________________________ DATE__________________ LIFE ON THE EDGE 1) The green anemone is green because ____________________________________________________. 2) This animal, that looks nothing like its close relatives the sea star and sea urchin, helps clean up the seafloor using sticky feet. ______________________________ 3) This common sea star’s favorite food is mussels. ____________________________________________ 4) This animal stands on its head and grabs food with its legs.________________________________________ 5) How long can red sea urchins live? ________________________________________ 6) Sunflower stars may have up to ________________ arms. PUGET SOUND FISHES 7) About how many kinds of fish live in Puget Sound? ____________________ 8) The red color of the _______________________ appears dark in deep water because seawater filters out red light. 9)
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