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Ocean101-Ch06-Part1 - CHAPTER 6 WATER Origin of Water Most...

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1 CHAPTER 6 - WATER CHAPTER 6 - WATER Water - Whaddaya know? Origin of Water Most organisms are 65% to 95% water! Humans ~65% Human blood ~83% Water helps chemical reactions Where did our surface water come from? Volcanic outgassing, icy-comet impacts Water runs off from land, accumulates in ocean basins (“gravity works”) Temperature is right for liquid water Origin of Water Origin of Water Earth is large enough (sufficient mass) to hold an atmosphere As are Mars and Venus Mercury and our Moon are not Source of oxygen in our atmosphere is plants (photosynthesis) Okay, a little also comes from UV light breaking up water vapor in the atmosphere Properties of Water Properties of Water Greeks (etc) thought water was one of the basic elements of which everything was made (along with fire, air, earth) In the late 1700s, CO 2 , O 2 , and H 2 gasses * were discovered/isolated * Carbon dioxide, oxygen, and hydrogen gasses
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2 Properties of Water In 1780s, Cavendish combined hydrogen and oxygen to make water Water is a compound, not an element Priestly: Hydrogen + Air + Spark ! Moisture Cavendish (also Watt): The moisture is mostly WATER 2 H 2 H 2 + O + O 2 ! 2 H 2 H 2 O Water: The Most Peculiar Water: The Most Peculiar Substance on Earth?
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