OnlineOcean-AIT - An Inconvenient Truth ("AIT")...

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-- Page 1 -- An Inconvenient Truth (“AIT”) Gwyneth Jones Use the film itself and our required readings, plus credible sources from your own web and library research. You may wish to start your research with wikis, encyclopedias, etc, although they are not appropriate primary references. Your answers should show that you spent time reflecting on the film and related issues. They should be in-depth . Include enough detail in your explanations that I can follow your process. Type your answers in a word-processing program such as Word; check your spelling, grammar, and usage. (Type using plain text; formatting does not transfer.) Include a references list at the end of each answer. Then copy and paste your answers; do not use attachments except for supplemental information. To make this an in-depth discussion among colleagues, you will be posting and replying via the “An Inconvenient Truth [AIT]” discussion board in Blackboard. I. BEFORE viewing the film Submit these two questions as ONE combined post (Q’s 1 & 2) titled “AIT—[Your Name]” in the “AIT” board BEFORE YOU WATCH THE FILM. Post it by Date:_______________________ (preferably sooner). 1. a. If you have not seen the film… o What have you heard about the film? o What do you expect to learn from the film? o What do you expect your reaction to it to be? or b. If you have seen the film before… o When, where, and why did you see the film before? o What did you expect to learn from it the first time? o What did you expect your reaction to it to be? o What do you expect from viewing it again now? 2. In either case… a. Select several of the questions below (from Part III) that you would most like to discuss. Tell us which ones you chose, and why. b. Optional: Come up with 2-3 more questions that you think would be valuable to discuss in this context. c. Recommended: Take notes on one of the IPCC Summaries for Policymakers: o - Synthesis Report o - Physical Science Basis o - Impacts, Adaptation, Vulnerability o - Mitigation II. DURING the film Watch the film by Date:_______________________
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OnlineOcean-AIT - An Inconvenient Truth ("AIT")...

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