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OnlineOcean-Biography - Student"Biography Assignment Online...

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Student "Biography" Assignment – Online Ocean 101 Both parts of this Assignment are due during Week 1 of the quarter -- Earlier is better! Remember, I don't grade assignments submitted to incorrect locations or submitted after the deadline , so be sure to read all instructions very carefully! If you have any questions about assignment instructions, please post them to our course’s Blackboard Vista discussion boards right away! Online classes can be a bit impersonal - It can be hard for me to get to know you, and class discussions are more difficult to follow when the speaker is anonymous. So your first assignment is to share a little information about yourself with me and with the rest of the class. Part A - Information for the instructor (via regular email, not Blackboard-Mail) First of all, I (as instructor) need to know the following. You may also share this information with your classmates in Part B, if you wish, but it's essential that you tell me: 1. Your full name and any preferred nickname.
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