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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 Oceanography 101: Introduction to Oceanography WINTER QUARTER 2012 -- ONLINE CLASS By staying registered in this course, you agree to abide by all of the rules and expectations provided by the instructor in this Syllabus and elsewhere, by the Bellevue College student conduct code, etc. Instructor Gwyneth Jones (Gwyn) • In Blackboard Vista: gwjones • Bellevue College email: [email protected] • Only for MSN IM / Facebook: [email protected] Websites The course’s Blackboard Vista site: • Also my Science Division page: • For research: or alternative; library databases Required Course Materials: New and used books are often available for purchase or rent online, at used bookstores, and from former students. Our lab manual is available only through the college bookstore ( ). • Textbook = Either Introduction to Oceanography (CUSTOM 5th edition, 2008) by Tom Garrison: ISBN: 0495840149; or Essentials of Oceanography (5th edition, 2008) by Tom Garrison: ISBN: 0495555312 (That is, choose one .) To rent printed or e-book from publisher at discount: • Lab Manual = Online Oceanography 101 Lab Manual (2011) by Gwyn Jones & Kent Short. Be sure that the bookstore does not sell you the campus edition! • Course PPTs = Required Course PowerPoints. I will post these for you to study, in Portable Document File (.pdf) and/or PowerPoint Show (.pps) format. • Other Handouts = To be provided throughout the quarter -- via the web and/or by email. • On Reserve = I have put books and other optional/recommended materials on reserve at the Bellevue College Library Media Center ( ) for your use. This includes a copy of our textbook. I have linked a number of recommended resources to my Bellevue College webpage. Please do “peruse and use”. Also Required: • Reliable daily internet access • Calculator • Metric ruler • A few household items for lab • Good attitude and hard work! :-) • MSN Messenger (IM) • Dictionary • Colored pencils • Some sand, clay, and pebbles for lab Course Overview: This course will provide a general introduction to the science of oceanography. It is oriented toward non-science majors, but can also be a good starting point for those who may want to explore opportunities in marine science or earth science careers. There are 3 units: I. Geological Oceanography; II. Physical and Chemical Oceanography; and III. Biological Oceanography and Marine Environmental Issues. If you haven't already done so, please read the Getting Started section of the Blackboard course website as soon as you're done reading this syllabus -- Even if you have taken other online courses, there is information in the Getting Started section that you need to read before taking this class....
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This note was uploaded on 01/09/2012 for the course OCEA 101 taught by Professor Gwynethjones during the Winter '12 term at Bellevue College.

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OnlineOcean-SYLL-CAL-PTS-W12 - Page 1 Oceanography 101:...

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