OnlineOcean-WeeklyQandA - Weekly "Q&A"...

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GOALS: Reading comprehension — To deeply understand the information in each week’s readings Synthesis — To synthesize information found in multiple sources Critical thinking — To see where you need clarification on concepts, and write good questions Research — To find reputable sources and research answers to questions Contextualizing — To put “book learning” about science into the context of society and daily life Discussion — To interact with your classmates about course concepts Writing — To practice writing clear, understandable prose with good grammar and spelling This 2-part assignment is due each week. Please print these instructions! To do this assignment, you must first read and study all of the week’s assigned readings — the textbook chapters, my PowerPoints, and any other readings due that week. (This will help eliminate simple questions that are easily answered in the readings.) Then, you will post your work to the specified location, as relatively plain text in the Message Box of a Discussion Forum post. (I won’t be able to read fancy formatting or attachments; they don’t “compile” in Blackboard.) Your grade will be based on completing the following activities and posting them correctly before the deadlines. I’ll be looking for substantive content, and a clear, professional style. Yes, spelling and grammar do count! Part A is due each Saturday . The related Part B is due the following Wednesday . Example: For the Week 1 material, post your Part A by the Saturday of Week 1, and your Part B by the Wednesday of Week 2. Part A: After reading all of the week’s assigned material, submit the following information in ONE COMBINED POST to the Discussion Forum called . The subject line should be brief and should clearly state: (a) YOUR FULL NAME and (b) PART A. Example: If your name is Janice Wood, your Part A post’s subject line would be: “ Janice Wood’s Part A 1) Synthesis of the Week’s Readings Summarize and synthesize the week’s readings. This should be a coherent, comprehensive synthesis of information from all sources (textbook, PowerPoints, websites, etc). As part of this, tell us briefly (in 1-2 paragraphs) what you found most interesting in the week’s readings, and also how the week’s readings were relevant to you. Helpful Hint: Use this as an opportunity to create a comprehensive “cheat sheet” of information for reference on the quizzes, homework, etc! All course assignments are open-book, so it will not be considered cheating to have it on hand when you work on assignments. 2) Four or More Questions
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OnlineOcean-WeeklyQandA - Weekly "Q&A"...

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