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Hierarchy of Higher Categories of Fishes SubPhylum InfraPhylum Superclass Grade Class Subclass Infraclass Division Subdivision Superorder Series Order Family Craniata Vertebrata "Agnatha" Myxini Petromyzontida Myxiniformes Petromyzontiformes Myxinidae Petromyzontidae Teleostomi Gnathostomata Placodermi Chondrichthyes Acanthodii Sarcopterygii Actinopterygii Holocephali Elasmobranchii Selachii Batoidea Chimaeriformes Torpediniformes Pristiformes Myliobatiformes Rajiformes Squatiniformes Squaliformes Hexanchiformes Lamniformes Carcharhiniformes Orectolobiformes Heterodontiformes Coelocanthi- morpha Dipnoi Chondrostei Cladistia Neopterygii Teleostei Coelacanthiformes Ceratodontiformes Acipenseriformes Polypteriformes Lepisosteiformes Amiiformes Lepisosteidae Acipenseridae Polypteridae
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Sub- division Super- order Series Order Division Family Teleostei Osteoglosso- morpha Euteleostei Otocephala Elopo- morpha Ostariophysi Gonorhynchiformes Siluriformes Characiformes Cypriniformes Gymnotiformes Protacanthop- terygii Stenop- terygii Cyclo- squamata Scopelo-
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Final_fish_taxonomy_combined_09 - Hierarchy of Higher Cat...

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