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Unformatted text preview: Hierarchy of Higher Cat egories of Fishes Batoide a Se lachii Subdivision Te le ostomi Grade Actinopte rygii Sarcopte rygii Acanthodii Chondrichthye s Ne opte rygii Cladistia Chondroste i Po lypte rifo rm e s L e piso ste ifo rm e s Acipe nse rid a e Po lypte rid a e L e piso ste id a e Am iifo rm e s Acipe nse rifo rm e s C e ra to d o ntifo rm e s C o e la ca nthifo rm e s To rpe d inifo rm e s Pristifo rm e s M ylio b a tifo rm e s R a jifo rm e s Sq u a tinifo rm e s Sq u a lifo rm e s He xa nchifo rm e s L a m nifo rm e s C a rcha rhinifo rm e s Ore cto lo b ifo rm e s He te ro d o ntifo rm e s Pe tro m yz o ntid a e C him a e rifo rm e s Pe tro m yz o ntifo rm e s M yxinid a e Family M yxinifo rm e s Orde r Ve rte brata I nfraPhylum Coe locanthi- Dipnoi morpha Elasmobranchii Holoce phali Subclass Gnathostomata "Agnatha" Supe rclass Placode rmi Myxini Pe tromyzontida Class Craniata SubPhylum I nfraclass Te le oste i Division Supe rorde r Se rie s ...
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