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FishTaxonomyB2Fall09 - Athe rino Pe rcomorpha morpha...

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Sub- division Super- order Series Order Division Family Teleostei Osteoglosso- morpha Euteleostei Otocephala Elopo- morpha Ostariophysi Gonorhynchiformes Siluriformes Characiformes Cypriniformes Gymnotiformes Protacanthop- terygii Stenop- terygii Cyclo- squamata Scopelo- morpha Paracanthop- terygii Acanthop- terygii Mugilo- morpha Atherino- morpha Perco- morpha Tetraodontiformes Pleuronectiformes Perciformes Scorpaeniformes Synbranchiformes Gasterosteiformes Beryciformes Stephanoberyciformes Cyprinodontiformes Beloniformes Atheriniformes Mugiliformes Lophiiformes Gadiformes Myctophiformes Aulopiformes Salmoniformes
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