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Practice Midterm_2010 - NAME: _LAB DAY:_ pg 1 BIOLOGY OF...

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NAME: _____________________________LAB DAY:________ pg 1 BIOLOGY OF FISHES (EEMB 106) MIDTERM – 2010 – PLEASE PLACE YOUR NAME AND LAB DAY ON ALL SHEETS 1) Briefly define 8 (eight only) of the following terms (2 points each) - We will only grade the first 8 answers. Polygamy: Semelparous: Monophyletic group: Tapetum lucidum: Amphidromy: Neoteny: Ceratotrichia: Inquiline: Autostylic (holostylic) suspension: Tuberous organ: Leptocephalus:
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NAME: _____________________________LAB DAY:________ pg 2 2) Indicate whether the following statements are true or false (1 point each ): ______ Tastebuds of fishes can be located in the mouth, lips, skin, and fins ______ Dipnoi have a one-way heart similar to teleost fishes. ______ Ampullary organs are sensitive to high frequency electric discharge and lack a connection to the outside. ______ The telencephalon serves as a relay station for olfactory stimuli ______ Branchiostegal rays lend support to the fins of bony fish ______ The premaxilla is a principal tooth-bearing bone in the teleost mouth. ______ Jaws in the first jawed fishes evolved from the vertebrae ______ Coelacanths use their swimbladders as lungs 3) Matching. Match each statement with the letter of the Superorder that it best describes. The same Superorder may be used more than once. Some Superorders may not be used at all. (1 point each): Euteleost Superorders: A. Stenopterygyii B. Parancanthopterygii C. Ostariophysii D. Acanthopterygii E. Scopelomorpha F. Protancanthopterygii G. Clupeomorpha 1. Weberian apparatus; 64% of all freshwater fish ________ 2. Deep-sea w/ photophores; contains hatchetfish
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Practice Midterm_2010 - NAME: _LAB DAY:_ pg 1 BIOLOGY OF...

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