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1 EEMB 106 Fishes on Temperate Reefs I. What is a temperate reef ? II. What is a temperate reef fish? I. What is a temperate reef ? A. Hard substrate (rocks of various origin, e.g. volcanic, sedimentary, etc.) B. Temperate zones (not tropical, not polar) C. Characteristic linear distributions along continental shelves D. High degree of structure (both vertical and horizontal, reef architecture) E. Highly productive environments (upwelling regions) F. Dynamic systems (spatially and temporally variable environments) 1. many microhabitats 2. physical processes a. winter surf/storm events b. localized up/down-welling events c. large scale El Nino/La Nina patterns 3. biological processes a. sea otter--sea urchin--kelp interactions II. What is a temperate reef fish? A. Life-cycles 1. two-phase life-cycle: pelagic phase: egg - larvae - early juvenile (“settler” or “recruit”) - potential for long-distance dispersal benthic or reef phase:
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