Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - MSIT 3000 Section 4.1 The Three Rules of Data...

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MSIT 3000 Section 4.1: The Three Rules of Data Analysis Rule 1: Make a picture Rule 2: Make a picture Rule 3: Make a picture Pictures … reveal things that can’t be seen in a table of numbers. show important features and patterns in the data. provide an excellent means for reporting findings to others. MSIT 3000 Section 4.2: Frequency Tables A frequency table organizes data by recording totals and category names as in the table below. The names of the categories label each row in the frequency table. When the number of categories gets too large (maybe 8 or 10), values may be lumped together in an “Other” category. Ex: KEEN Footwear Like most companies, KEEN Footware collects data on visits to its website. They are trying to decide where to advertise so would like to compile the information related to visits classified 29
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by the search engine. Each visit to the Keen site and subsequent action the visitor (changing the page, entering data, etc) is recorded in a file called a usage, or access weblog. In order to understand and use this information, the company needs to summarize the data gathered. Though counts can be useful, sometimes the information is easier to understand if counts are converted to percents. A relative frequency table displays the percentages that lie in each category rather than the counts.
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Chapter 4 - MSIT 3000 Section 4.1 The Three Rules of Data...

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