Abstract - learning environment. They teach the teenagers...

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Wesley McLaughlin Gayatri Sirohi Writing 105 11 March 2009 Abstract Video games don’t have the power to control a teenager so much to the point of killing someone just because they saw it in the game they were playing one day. It is not the games that negatively affect the teenage mind yet the people surrounding them in everyday life. About 57 percent of parents will sit down with their child and play video games with them. This is a very constructive environment where the teenager can talk with their parent as well as do something they love to do. Some games have even been created for the whole family to have a game night now like Hasbro’s Family Game Night. This shows that parents do support video games. It has been found from many people’s personal experience that sports games create a positive
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Unformatted text preview: learning environment. They teach the teenagers about the rules of the games, hand-eye coordination, and make decisions that would likely have to be made in a game. Therefore they become better athletes through video games. Yet another one of the positive affects they can have on lives. After surveying twenty students I got some really good information that also shows video games do not cause violence in children. Only thirty percent of people surveyed said that there were more violent video games than learning ones. Also ninety five percent of people said video companies should not be liable for adolescents doing violent acts after playing their games....
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Abstract - learning environment. They teach the teenagers...

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