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Formal Research Outline

Formal Research Outline - • Help strengthen all facts and...

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Formal Research Outline February 20, 2009 I. Introduction 1. Hook: An intro to a game that is considered violent and might attract the minds of gamers as well as parents who hate them. (Probably a Grand Theft Auto game) 2. Thesis: It is not the games that negatively affect the teenage mind yet the people surrounding them in everyday life. 3. Implications: What positive effects can they bring? What negative effects can they bring? Why do children play video games? Where did the gaming culture start? II. Background What started with the Atari video game system has now went far and beyond anyones dreams in 2009 with the current generation of systems being the Wii, Playstation 3, or XBOX 360 III. Survey Using my new statistics to my advantage by listing these numbers throughout my paper to combat the devil’s advocate IV. Annotated Bibliography I will then be able to use my bibliography’s to back up many stats I have pulled from my survey or even from other sources I may later come upon
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Unformatted text preview: • Help strengthen all facts and quotes added to paper V. Reasons • Children play video games for the adventure and for the control factor not necessarily the violence • Learning essential social skill sets • Helping join families together by playing video games and even working out while playing VI. Devil’s Advocate • Statistics that show violence in children that play video games is higher than in ones that do not play • Psychological studies looking into the mind of high school students who have short term aggression from playing video games VII. Conclusion • Wrapping up with why children really play video games for the entertainment and not for the violence • Home lives cause a way bigger violence problem than video games could ever create • Percentages of good stats I found like how many parents have played video games with their children • Re-statement of the original thesis...
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Formal Research Outline - • Help strengthen all facts and...

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