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Informal My name is Wesley McLaughlin; I am seventeen years old and live in Auburn, Washington. I was born in Yakima, Washington and lived there until I was five years old. I then moved nine times and lived in five different states until my family finally settled in Auburn. I am currently enrolled in the running start program full time attending Highline Community College. High School was very easy for me and I decided I wanted to get out of school and into the job force as quick as possible. I am looking to get my Associates degree in business from Highline and then transfer to a University for two more years of schooling. I am looking to graduate from high school with my diploma December of next year and receive my AA degree in March of next year. I am an only child and have been independent my whole life and have needed very little direction deciding what is right and what is wrong. My biggest hobbies are probably music and cars which I love both a lot. I also love listening to loud music in my car if you can imagine that.
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