Position Paper Jan. 23rd

Position Paper Jan. 23rd - McLaughlin Wesley McLaughlin...

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McLaughlin Wesley McLaughlin Gayatri Sirohi Writing 105 January 23 rd , 2009 People Affect People The video game culture has become a part of everyday life in most households across America. Whether you have a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, or Nintendo Wii there are many gaming options available. Teenagers specifically play these systems more than any other age group. Many people like to take the video game producers and blame them for something going wrong with a child in their neighborhood. For example a teen gets a gun and shoots someone. Come to find out he loves the video game Halo where a lot of shooting occurs and suddenly the manufacturer of that game is at fault for someone dying? This is an interesting side to take but one that I have many problems with ethically. Video games don’t have the power to control a teenager so much to the point of killing someone just because they saw it in the game they were playing one day. It is not the games that negatively affect the teenage mind yet the people surrounding them in everyday life. Video games these days are more realistic than ever. There are so many types of video games now that almost anyone in the family could join in on the fun (strategy, role play, action, adventure, sports, simulation, warfare, board games, and even karaoke!). About 45 percent of heavy game play is done by children ranging in age from six to seventeen.
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Position Paper Jan. 23rd - McLaughlin Wesley McLaughlin...

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