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Primary source analysis - Wesley McLaughlin Writing 105 /...

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Wesley McLaughlin Writing 105 / Sirohi Primary Source Interrogation Analysis February 13, 2009 Primary Source Interrogation It is very important to have a valid primary source for your research paper. For my primary source I decided to use a survey. My topic is that video games do not negatively affect minors. I took a survey of twenty students on campus to find out what they thought about video games. I asked each student ten questions some being yes or no and some with a specific answer. Overall I feel that this was a very effective way to figure out what people thing without your source being tainted or biased. Some answers to my questions I found to be a little unrealistic and someone was not stepping away from a situation and just reacting instead of thinking about what they were trying to say. This will definitely help strengthen my paper along with the many other things I have researched. There were a few questions that I believe will thoroughly strengthen my paper. The first question I asked was; would you say minors play violent video games more than any other type of video games? Only thirty five percent of the people surveyed said that minors play violent games more. This is refreshing to see that people don’t only seeing killing happening in video games but might see something more constructive. Next I asked; do you think that violence in video games will promote minors to be more
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Primary source analysis - Wesley McLaughlin Writing 105 /...

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