Rhetorical Analysis of Pg. 21 Figure 1.12

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Wesley McLaughlin Saying one thing and doing another is something our government has seemed to be very good at over the past administration’s eight years in office. This cartoonist is trying to depict how the government is supposedly trying as hard as they can to stop illegal immigration, yet makes no action to stop it. The best evidence of this is how there is a sign that says “U.S.A. Keep Out”, yet no National Guard there to stop the illegal immigrants. I could definitely see why this would upset many hard working Americans. These Americans are working hard to keep their houses, jobs, and to pay for their child’s tuition while all of their tax money is going to people who are not even citizens of this country. These illegal immigrants receive welfare including cheap housing, free health care, jobs, and a free education as depicted in the cartoon. This cartoon would definitely hit the correct audience when placed in the paper. Most of the people reading the paper are intellectuals who work hard and like to know what is going on in
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