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Wesley McLaughlin Gayatri Sirohi Writing 105 11 March 2009 Works Cited Kate Devlin. . "Video game players 'like adventure, not gore'. " The Daily Telegraph [London (UK)] 17 Jan. 2009,16. ProQuest Newsstand. ProQuest. Highline C.C. Library, Des Moines, Washington. 21 Feb. 2009 <> Robert Booth. . "Front: Video games are good for children - EU report: Players learn essential facts and life skills: Call for schools to make use of computer games. " The Guardian [London (UK)] 12 Feb. 2009,2. ProQuest Newsstand. ProQuest. Highlin.
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Unformatted text preview: .. Mike Males. . &amp;quot;IT'S NOT THE MEDIA: THE TRUTH ABOUT POP CULTURE'S INFLUENCE ON CHILDREN. &amp;quot; Rev. of: title_of_work_reviewed_in_italics, clarifying_information. Teacher Librarian 31.3 (2004): 34. Teacher Journals. ProQuest. Highline C.C. Library, Des Mo. .. Christopher J. Ferguson. . &amp;quot;Video game 'threat' is overstated. &amp;quot; Deseret News [Salt Lake City, Utah] 6 Feb. 2009,A.14. ProQuest Newsstand. ProQuest. Highline C.C. Library, Des Moines, WA. 21 Feb. 2009 &amp;lt;;gt;...
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