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25 things i believe - try and fails 21 I believe trying new...

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Wesley McLaughlin Writing 101/ 11-12:03 Beliefs 09/30/08 25 Things I Believe 1. I believe I am 100% responsible for my own life 2. I believe sometimes failing makes you a better person 3. I believe in something greater than myself 4. I believe I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to 5. I believe in the need for mentors 6. I believe in the need to create goals 7. I believe the earth is round 8. I believe in the big bang theory 9. I believe in an afterlife of some sort but not sure what that is 10. I believe family is the most important thing in my life 11. I believe in having your own ideas and not following anyone 12. I believe the truth is hard to handle 13. I believe in the democratic process 14. I believe in keeping an open mind to all views 15. I believe that two minds are better than one 16. I believe in love at first sight 17. I believe it is easier to avoid someone than look them in the eyes 18. I believe in being a realist 19. I believe that hard work pays off 20. I believe that someone who doesn’t try at all is a bigger failure than someone that does
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Unformatted text preview: try and fails 21. I believe trying new things helps broaden your thoughts 22. I believe in living for the moment 23. I believe that Sarah Palin has no idea what she is talking about 24. I believe that wealth has many definitions 25. I believe that there are high life forms in different galaxies besides just humans on earth 15 Things I Used to Believe but Don’t Anymore 1. Easter bunny 2. My family does no wrong 3. My friends never lie 4. Girls don’t use guys 5. The U.S. is not selfish 6. All that matters is being popular 7. Friends are more important than family 8. Best friends will never be unreasonable 9. The president always knows what he is talking about 10. Saving for the future is not important 11. Parents never get in fights 12. Life sucks 13. Adults are always right and kids are always wrong 14. Teachers always know what they are talking about 15. People that are smarter than me are better than me...
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