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Writing Department 2400 South 240th Street P.O. Box 98000 Des Moines, WA 98198 Dear HCC (Highline Community College) Writing Department, This quarter has been a great experience for me in Writing 101. I am doing running start here at Highline and it has been an amazing quarter. It has been difficult to move up from getting an A on a paper in high school to getting an A on a college paper, but I am very motivated and sure I can push through these tough times. This class has prepared me well for my future classes and for later in life. My strong suit in writing would definitely have to be persuasive papers. I enjoy arguing a topic that I have strong feelings for and can get my thoughts out there. Specifically in my paper where I talk about street racing it shows strong personal experience and a motive for change.
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Unformatted text preview: This shows strong critical thinking, which is something you must have while writing a persuasive paper. This class has well prepared me for my future in persuasive writing class which I will be taking next quarter at HCC. Although I have strong abilities in persuasion, I think I lack some of the skills of creativity. When it comes to dialogue or making things up I tend to have trouble. I am working on expanding my horizon to make sure that I can write well-built and creative papers in the near future. Writing 101 has probably been the hardest class for me so far this quarter but I believe it has pushed me to be the best I can be. The things I have learned from this class will help me be a better writer in the future which I appreciate greatly. Sincerely, Wesley Mclaughlin...
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