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Creation by Elimination Final - McLaughlin- 1 Wesley...

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McLaughlin- 1 - Wesley McLaughlin Writing 101 / 11 – 1203 Johnston-Robinson November 26th, 2008 Creation by Elimination Creation by elimination is a new and effective angle that the Tukwila City Council needs to look into, to solve the current street racing issue. They are trying to get rid of street racing by raiding the local areas where racers are just trying to hang out and mingle about their cars. This is a ridiculous tactic that has been proven to not work. Most street racers do not care and even scoff at receiving tickets. For most, running from the police is actually an adrenaline rush. My proposal to the city council is a safe and affordable way to race, without the people that love the sport losing their licenses. The city of Tukwila must join side by side with the street racing community to create a new environment for racing and to safe lives. Street racing should remain illegal but there needs to be a viable alternative. Street racing is a major problem in Washington. There have been 72 known newspaper articles about deaths in the U.S. from street racing so far this year. This statistic shows that the current angle police are taking on street racing does not work. The city of Tukwila is the main port for street racers in Western Washington and we need to begin to save lives immediately. The best way to end illegal street racing is to have a legal way to race at night. Half of the rush is racing in the midst of the cool summer night air. With all of the cars comes a different sound and color of beautiful lights. It
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McLaughlin- 2 - may sound as if I am talking from personal experience which is true. I am a former street
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Creation by Elimination Final - McLaughlin- 1 Wesley...

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