Narrative Essay Revised 11.19.08

Narrative Essay Revised 11.19.08 - McLaughlin - 1 Wesley...

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McLaughlin - 1 - Wesley McLaughlin Heather Johnston-Robinson Writing 101 November 19, 2008 Rising From the Water With the bright rays of sun shining through my window, I awoke and was ready for the entertaining trip ahead. This vacation was with one of my best friend named Desirae. We traveled with her parents, and their two dogs. We were vacationing at beautiful Lake Cushman, Washington; in the deep forests of the peninsula. Desirae’s family has a dazzling boat, and they rented a log cabin on the lake for us all to stay in. Our main objective for being at the lake was to go wakeboarding, relax, and simply have fun. We arrived at our cabin around dinner time. It was beginning to get chilly after we unpacked for three whole hours, so we decided to build a fire in the pit for dinner outside the back door of the cabin. There, we roasted hot dogs and were having a thoroughly enjoying ourselves. For dessert we also toasted marshmallows to make s’mores. Everything was going as planned. After dessert, we decided to go up back into the cabin. The whole family, (including me) went upstairs and climbed into each of our cozy beds. We all smelled of smoke from the fire, but did not care and decided to crash out so that we could be up bright and early for the fun day ahead. Desirae slipped her do-rag over her head and put in her retainers. I popped out my contacts and then closed my eyes. Soon after we were out and sleeping like the logs our cabin was made of.
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Narrative Essay Revised 11.19.08 - McLaughlin - 1 Wesley...

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