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thesis and outline for street racing - Saturday’s late...

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Wesley McLaughlin Writing 101 11-1203 Thesis/Outline 11/24/2008 The city of Tukwila’s police force need to take a new angle on attacking illegal street racing that will be safer and that creates a solid environment. City of Tukwila police currently pull into a parking lot where all the cars sit with their lights on and ticket one person while all of the rest of the people escape Racers need a place to hang out and race legally and need to have a better understanding and relationship with the police I believe Tukwila should use San Diego as a model for what to do with there racing problem in the warehouses All they need to do is have a safe street racing track set up on Friday and
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Unformatted text preview: Saturday’s late night where it is legal and safe to race even with police there cheering racers on and sometimes even racing • This would down play illegal activity as well as be a much more safe environment that racing where innocent bystanders could be hurt or killed • The city government could even make money off of it by charging and entry fee, or a yearly membership fee to get on to the street race track, or city parking lot • Burnouts, drag racing, drifting, and circuit racing tracks would all be set up over the parking lots • Street racing which people love and have a passion for is illegal, when you can smoke cigarettes which will give you lung cancer...
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