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College 100 - Personal Statement

College 100 - Personal Statement - Wesley McLaughlin...

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Wesley McLaughlin Writing 101/11- 12:03 Crucial Choice 10.05.08 Life experience has shown that being in high school is fun at times, but may not push me to my full potential and take me to the places I would like to go in life, this is why I have decided to go to Highline Community College for running start (which is in Des Moines, WA). Here at Highline I will and have had the chance to meet great new friends, teachers, and even mentors while pursuing my goal of receiving my AA degree as well as graduating high school all at the same time. Running start is a very good program that every student should take advantage of. I have been through a lot in life to get up to this point and this is how I have persevered. During my seventeen year life I have moved nine times and lived in five different states! The first few times was due to my dad getting promotions, and the last was because my mom felt home sick and missed her family. I was born in Yakima, WA on December 9 th , 1991. I have lived in Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. As of right now we are living in Auburn, WA. Since I moved so much in my teenage life I think that had pushed me to be more mature as well as independent. In my high school career I carried a 3.8 cumulative GPA in the first two years, while still playing sports, as well as working. During my two years I also took mostly advance classes for my age by taking chemistry and trigonometry in my sophomore year. I believe that this helped me get to college level and has pushed me to be mature enough to jump to running start in my junior year. As well as running start, I decided am planning
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to take classes that I will have to pay for in the summer to further propel my chances of getting scholarships. This was the best decision for me possible and will help me receive my AA degree in Business in my two years at community college. All of the previous moves have not been enough obviously since we will be
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College 100 - Personal Statement - Wesley McLaughlin...

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