Exam 2 Key Hasty Spring 2011

Exam 2 Key Hasty Spring 2011 - Physics 2014 Name' !L.El.f ....

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 2014 Name' !L.El.f . Exam 2 - Spring 2011 . dbOI"atOfY lection: _ General Instructions: Room: PS Seat:- - - - - - - - - - Aus closed-book 50 minute exam may be supplemented by a valid reference sheet, stapled to the exam upon ~bmission. Incorrect name, seat, or lab section information will receive aID-point penalty; illegible or pen responses will earn zero credit. Record all work in pencil using proper written English. Good Luck! Section 1 _ Conceptual Physics [ 2 Points Each] Instructions: Questions are gr~uped into related situations. Circle or provide each question's best answer. 1) Regarding physical quantities: • An object's weight always equals its normal force when on a surface (true /~). • Newton's phrase "quantity of motion" refers to which physical property? ~~ • Total energy conservation requires assumptions and/or tests to be valid (true aIse. • Potential energy functions require conservative forces cQ/ false ). • An object's (static fric~onal @ntripeiD' normal) force does not appear on a FBD. • Negative work on moving objects rmplies velocities that ( increase (!:ft:cre~/ do not change ). • Limitations or restrictions upon an object's behavior are called ~ ~ J J tS . • Protons, neutrons, and other particles are composed of Q IJ~ ....
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Exam 2 Key Hasty Spring 2011 - Physics 2014 Name' !L.El.f ....

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