Exam 3 Hasty Spring 2011

Exam 3 Hasty Spring 2011 - / Physics 2014 Exam 3 - Spring...

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/ / Physics 2014 (1-- Jan1e: Exam 3 - Spring 2011 General Instructions: om: PS_ ~This closed-book 50 minute exam may be supplemented by a valid reference sll. lon submission. Incorrect name, seat, or lab section information will receive a IO-po :n . ~ responses will earn zero credit- Record all work in pencil using proper written Engl.~{1. ~~.,u Luck!~ ""f) : Section 1- Conceptual Physics [ 2 Points Each 1 Instructions: Questions ar~ grouped into related situations. Circle or provide each question's best answer. 1) Miscellaneous concerns: Scientist ( Copernic~epl:r / Galileo / N~on ) discovered that gravity causes planetary motion . Scientist (Co e . ~~ / Galileo / Ne~ton ).discovered that planetary orbits are elliptical. Scientis op icus Brahe / Kepler / Galileo / Newton) postulated that planets orbit the sun, not earth. Impulse is a vector e / false ). Rockets require a me mm (~.g. - air) to generate thrust<QruSl/!>4e ). Objects in elliptical orbits move fastest at the~~ / aphelio / semi-minor axis / foci ). System external forces always cancel by Newton s t ird law@/f ). Consider two suns of different mass that orbit one another. T arger mas ~ / smaller mass) is the orbital center. Collisions require physical contact~ f~. Parabolic orbital shapes distinguish open orbits from closed orbits (~ / @_ Energy provided to system components by an explosion increase the s stern ( CM / in~al / ~ KE. All orbits are gravitationally
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Exam 3 Hasty Spring 2011 - / Physics 2014 Exam 3 - Spring...

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