Exam 4 Hasty Spring 2011

Exam 4 Hasty Spring 2011 - Physics 2014 Exam 4 - Spring 201...

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n Physics 2014 Exam 4 - Spring 201 l: General Instrnctions: Room: PS \ (\his closed-book 50 minute exam may be supplemented by a valid reference shee submission. Incorrect name, seat, or lab section information will receive a 1O-poirh~ .. ~u"yvd responses will earn zero credit. Record all work in pencil using proper written English. Good Luck! ""-r j .. '.. Section 1 - Conceptual Physics [ 2 Points Each I Instructions: Questions are grouped into related situations. Circle or provide each question's best answer. , 1) Miscellaneous concerns: ( • Fourier showed that any periodic wave can be expressed as a sum of si Ie harmonic wav e false) . • An object in static equilibrium experiences zero net torques about Its piv t / its CM / ry pomt) . • Tuned mass dampers are SHM devices used inside these objects: "'{ tw~'t6 ~o - .' . • The four types of equilibria are: stable, unstable, neutral, and hNL"'1t>. ~ /e.b Ii(, . • Angular momentum depend:rupon the ( parallel / antiparallel / 11 dicular portions of if and fi- • The ins~us velocity of the contact point relative to the sur ace ISzero for an object rolling without slipping ~ false) . • Waves transport matter (mass) (true /~ . • The substance mechanical waves propagate througJ;!is called the: ~ _ • A SHM system's angular frequency is amplitude-dependent ( true • All of these are wave types except ( longitudinal/transverse / anc J . • Our study of rotational motion is specifically for (elastic /~d~ objects . • The Poynting vector's
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Exam 4 Hasty Spring 2011 - Physics 2014 Exam 4 - Spring 201...

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