HW01 - HW01 (complete) Notes: In work submitted this...

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HW01 (complete) Notes : In work submitted this semester, provide citations for all information from sources outside the text or class. Although PHYS 2014 staff will not require citations to adhere to a particular format, it is expected that reasonable citation information be presented. Use only reputable sources ( www.amazon.com or www.walmart.com , etc.), or standard reference sources (Encyclopedia Britannica, www.nist.gov , www.wikipedia.org , www.kbb.com , etc). Text problems are frequently altered by: changing numerical parameters, altering or adding required calculations, or by specifying different problem manipulations. Some problems may be solved more than once. The word ‘repeat’ indicates the problem is to be performed more than once (usually as stated in the text and again under altered parameters). All calculations specified in these HW assignment documents are to be understood as supplementary to the relevant text problem unless noted. The preferred unit system for PHYS 2014 is the SI metric system (sometimes referred to as the mks system). All calculations will use SI units unless otherwise specified. Vectors may be represented in many forms; component form (i.e.: ⃗± ² ³ ´ ̂ µ · ̂ or ³ ¸¹ µ º¹ ) is preferred in PHYS 2014.
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HW01 - HW01 (complete) Notes: In work submitted this...

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