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Unformatted text preview: 2-31 A B C D E F G H I J Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes No Yes Yes 2-37 Dear John, Even though I would like to support you and your efforts to reduce pollution caused by your operations, I cannot attest to your accomplishments as you would like me to. Attesting to your financial statement follows standards that have been set forth for such activities. Generally accepted accounting principles were established for such functions and we provide a professional opinion based on those standards. Since there are no such standards set for evaluating your pollution program and its effectiveness, we have nothing to guide us. Standards and policies would have to be established. We can evaluate numbers, but we can’t just attest to subjective information. We would need to evaluate every company that has waste reduction programs to be able to say that you have the best one. Even then “best” can be a subjective word One alternative would be for you to establish a few key areas that we can quantatively evaluate. We can than evaluate your statements and attest to the fact that your specific statements are valid. You may want to state how much waste is being created by your operations, and then we can even re-evaluate in a certain time period and show a reduction in waste.. Please think over this option and let me k now if you would like to move forward with this type of service. Thank you, Bart James ...
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