Chapter 15 Notes - Chapter 15 Notes Macroevolution: the...

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Chapter 15 Notes Macroevolution: the major change (such as the evolution of flight in three different vertebrate lineage) recorded in the history of life over vast tracts of time. Stromatolite: layers of rock Protobiont: the isolation of a collection of abiotically created molecules within a membrane Ribozymes : can carry out a number of enzyme-like function Radiometric dating : is based on the measurement of certain radioactive isotopes Geologic record : is based off of the sequence and the ages of rocks and fossils Continental drift: theory that all land on earth was once great mass, which broke up into continents that drifted like rafts to their present positions Pangaea : plate movement brought all the previously separated landmasses together into a super-continent “Evo-Devo”- study of how slight genetic changes can become magnified into major morphological difference between species Paedomorphosis : the retention in the adult of features that were juvenile in an ancestral species Phylogeny: the evolutionary history of species or group of species Convergent evolution: species from different evolutionary branches may come to resemble one another if they live in similar environments and natural selection favors similar adaptations Analogy: Systematic: a discipline of biology that focuses on classifying organisms and determining their evolutionary relationships Binomial: species two part name Genus: first part (genera) to which a species belongs Species: second part
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Chapter 15 Notes - Chapter 15 Notes Macroevolution: the...

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