GenPsy-Hamilton - General Psychology Spring 2011...

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General Psychology Spring 2011 830:101:01:48018 SC-135 MW 2:50-4:10 Prof. Leonard W. Hamilton Rutgers SAS Psychology Department E-mail: LWH@ RUTGERS.EDU Office Hours: See: Required Textbook: Kalat, J. W. Introduction to Psychology (9 th Ed. ISBN 10 0-495-81092-4) There are several sections of General Psychology be sure to purchase the correct book for this section! Learning Goals: The learning goals of this course contribute to the more general goals of the Department of Psychology and the Rutgers School of Arts and sciences. Students who successfully complete this course will: develop the ability to think logically about behavior and to critically analyze the origins and lawfulness of behavior; develop an understanding of the physical and biological features of the natural environment that shape our behavior; develop an understanding of the basic methods and history of scientific inquiry; develop the ability to apply evidence-based decision making to complex problems by using the results of objective observation and experimentation; develop an appreciation for importance of creating new knowledge; develop a better understanding of both the differences and the commonalities of human behavior in different cultural and societal contexts; and develop their abilities to become independent and lifelong learners.
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About the Course: Overview. T his course will introduce you to the scientific study of behavior. In some parts of the course, this may seem straightforward and natural; in other parts, this approach may challenge some of your long-held personal views of the world and force you to think about issues that you have never before confronted. Many students find the material in this course to be surprisingly challenging not only because of the new approaches to understanding behavior, but also because the methods of psychology incorporate concepts and terminology from diverse fields such as computer science, biology, mathematics, sociology, and medicine to name a few. The reward however is a better understanding of yourself and the people around you. I hope that you set this better understanding as one of your primary goals for the semester. My own personal goal is to make this one of the best courses that you will take at Rutgers. The purpose of my lectures is to provide you with overviews of important topics in psychology. The lectures are not intended to summarize the material that is presented in the textbook! Sometimes, the lectures will cover material that is also in the assigned readings from the
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GenPsy-Hamilton - General Psychology Spring 2011...

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