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1 Literature across Borders Comparative Literature 201 Spring 2011 : “Sex” Section 1 M. Mangold (195:201:01) Section 2 M. Tseng (195:201:02) Mo 8:10am 9:30am SC 202 Tu 4:30pm 5:50pm SC 103 Th 9:50am 11:10am MI 100 Th 9:50am 11:10am MI 100 [email protected] [email protected] Hrs: Mo 9:50-11:30 @ 195 Coll Ave Hrs: Th 11:30-1:00 @ Camp Ctr Food Ct Section 3 L. Fanelli (195:201:03) Section H1 A. Parker (195:201:H1) Fr 11:30am 12:50pm SC 207 Mo 9:50am 11:10am 195 Coll Ave Th 9:50am 11:10am MI 100 Th 9:50am 11:10am MI 100 [email protected] [email protected] Hrs: 11:30-1:30 @ Au Bon Pain Hrs: Mo 1:30-3:00 @ 195 Coll Ave This course is designed as an introduction to the field of Comparative Literature, and is required of all Comparative Li terature majors and minors. “Literature across Borders” illustrates the concept and practice of comparative literature across historical periods, cultures, and genres. The theme for the spring 2010 semester is “sex.” A true universal of human experience, sex is also an inherently complex phenomenon, its significance varying enormously era to era and from place to place. Sex is at once love and violence, pleasure and pain, conflict and resolution. Many kinds of discourse “speak” sex— courtly love talks about the beloved, psychoanalysis the choice of an object but sex is above all a problem for interpretation, as much in literature as in life. Each week a different faculty member from the Program in Comparative Literature will lecture on a reading, film, or performance drawn from her or his field of specialization that will provide us with insights into the representation of sex across a variety of literary traditions. Discussion in lecture and recitation will focus on the aesthetic dimension of these representations but will consider their social and political aspects as well. Titles will include literary works from around the world over the past two millennia, as well as contemporary films.
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Literature+across+Borders.Syllabus+2011 - Literature across...

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