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Extra Problems Midterm 3 Review

Extra Problems Midterm 3 Review - Extra Problems PHYS 2114...

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Extra Problems PHYS 2114 Midterm 3 Fall 2011 1. A slide wire generator consists of a wedge shaped length of wire and a straight piece of wire that slides along the wedge with uniform speed v = 2 m/s. The area inside the loop formed by the wedge and sliding straight wire is given by Area = (vt) 2 /2 where t is the time since the slide wire started to move. The loop sits in a uniform magnetic field of magnitude B = 0.02 T pointing into the page. a) Calculate the magnitude emf in the loop at t = 2 s. b) Draw a rough sketch of the emf in the loop as a function of the time t. 2. An ac high-voltage electrical transmission line carries 10 MW of electrical power at an rms potential of 10kV and a power factor of 0.9. A land developer decides to build houses near the line, but wants to advertise future home owners that the peak magnetic field associated with the transmission line is at least 100 times smaller than the Earth’s magnetic field. Take the magnetic field of Earth to be 5 x 10 -5 T.
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