Exam 1 Fall 2011

Exam 1 Fall 2011 - 5o r"s-cfw_ront -4 I Midterm Exam...

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-4 5o r"s-{ront Sg-f Fall 2011 Sec Physics 2114 Midterm Exam I Professor Bandy Print Last Name 1, for point charges {!1$nd q2. Answer questions I - e. Signature. Problem I (See Fig. ' Ykm) (33) rl qr=i3.0 nC qr=7i,0 nC {o, o} E t (3,0) (s, o) @ Figure I a. Charges in Fig. I form a dipole es eH;vrth a pof [6.axll']t {? }Cm, 6.0xtl-rt q-i )C'r,@ C}cte0ne Circle0ne ,A, b. El atpointPdueto4lhastheunitvector i1=li , -i ,CI, -j,nonel. Sketchandlabel rronFis. 1. c. caiculate,{2 . . -r" circle one 5 * € -s c{ er' ?.- :J ,t3 n4 I :et I P(s,r) --s\j7 L..L '3,, \ d. Sketch and label E1 and E2at p,0/ on Fis. 1 . E1 is lless than, E6ffiE -h- esual to] 82. Explain. f. i- < -- <? t7.C /4 kO"" J A a- J,-< blc" Y] I \'2- ''5.; l\'00';u {, e. If an elecffon is shot ftom in{inity (along the piseclirig plane of q1 nd qz) and stops midway between E1 -/ mdqa. Whatis itsinitial speed? .i. o g = .7,, t,. . -4 ln A = (>.?, +. s tt_u
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Exam 1 Fall 2011 - 5o r&quot;s-cfw_ront -4 I Midterm Exam...

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