PHYS 2114 Exam 2 Spring 2009

PHYS 2114 Exam 2 Spring 2009 - .--- - '<J<...

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Unformatted text preview: .--- - '<J< /-'v=Physics 2114Spring 2009Midte.rmExam2Dr. BandyPage 2Directions:fThere are three problemswith multipleparts.Show all work on the exam paper. Do not write on the back ofthe paper.Be sure to label all vectorsand graphs.The value of each problemis labeled.Show the coordinatesystemwhen useful.Use brief explanations,show all of vour work,answersmust have units where appropriate.l-~~.:.-:-)/\1'"~v..---'------:::- I;;;...;" :')N"rI.,,~,(34 points). I.a. Calculate the effectIve capacitanceand thecurrent across the battery after the capacitorsare fullLclJarged ... '_,_,--- \--,_\jIiIC-t::.~I ~.•c\\=-~ _l-;:ll-.--1~ J ,.{ ..• .;;:\i'Problem1 (See Fig. 1,fora, b,c,d and e)Figure1---Jb. The charge on capacitors that arei;~ parallenis the same.--eirCleOne~c. The voltage across capacitors that are in[series,pa;:Gne{[lis the same.C irc le ~ /'d. Calculatethe charQe'and the potential differenceacross capacitor C2.-\C9=c.v ~((p,'5\!~) " Si..s."C- .I : ;>v_"-,\•v"=11. "IIP.E.c,e. Check your answer for172using a separatecalculation.VI ~V<.-,v,Usefuliuformatiou:so=8.85xl0-12C22;me =9.lxlO-31kg;mp= 1.67x10-27kg,f-J=4;rxI0-7TmNmA'24difhh6-19CkI9109Nm'MassofEarlh~5.98xI0kg;RalUsoleearl~6.37xlOm;q=1.6xI0.;= - 4 - =x-,-1rE:oc~Imi ~ 1610m;...
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This note was uploaded on 01/10/2012 for the course PHYS 2114 taught by Professor Bandy during the Spring '08 term at Oklahoma State.

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PHYS 2114 Exam 2 Spring 2009 - .--- - '<J<...

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