HW9B_Sol_16_F11 - ORANGE couzxzrnv HOMEWORK SET 9 en ANGE...

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Unformatted text preview: ORANGE couzxzrnv HOMEWORK SET 9 en ANGE COUNTRY Phys 2114 Instructor: Professor Bandy Fall 2011 l. A real solenoid usually has a small but nonzero internal resistance. The solenoid considered for our circuit specifies an inductance of 53 mH and a resistance of 0.37 .(2. If the solenoid is connected to a bafiery, how long will the current take to reach half it final equilibrium value? 2. Calculate the magnetic field strength on Earth’s surface at either pole if the Earth’s magnetic dipole moment is 4.0 x 1022 Amz. Give answer in Gauss units. @ If the circular conductor in Fig. 1 undergoes thermal expansion while it is in a uniform magnetic field, a current is induced clockwise around it. Is the magnetic field directed into or out of the page? Explain. 4. The line integral of the magnetic field on a closed path surrounding a wire has the value 17.6 ,uTm. Calculate the current in the wire. 5. We want to generate a 0.10 T uniform magnetic field near the center of a IO-cm—long solenoid. Calculate the number of turns that are needed if the wire can carry a maximum current of 10A. Figure 2 shows a cross section across a diameter of a long cylinder conductor of radius a = 2. 00 cm carrying uniform current 170 A. Calculate the magnitude of the current’s magnetic field at radial distance a. 0 cm, b. 1.00 cm, c. 2.00 cm (Wire’s surface), d. 4.00 cm. A solenoid of length 10 cm and radius 2 cm is wound uniformly with 1000 turns. A second coil of 100 turns is wound around the solenoid at its center. Calculate the mutual inductance. Give answer in micro-Henry units. 8. An electric motor contains a 500-turn circular coil 6.2 cm in diameter. If it is to develop a maximum torque of 1.2 Nm at a current of 3. 3 A, calculate the magnetic field strength 9 Calculate the rate of change of the solenoid’s magnetic field when the induced electric field 12 cm fiom the axis of the solenoid with a JO—cm radius is 90 V/m. Give answer in Tesla per millisecond. In Fig. 3, four long straight wires are perpendicular to the page, and their cross sections form a square of edge length a = 13.5 cm. Each wire carries 7.50 A, and the currents are out of the page in wires 1 and 4 and into the page in wires 2 and 3. In unit-vector notation, calculate the net magnetic force per meter of wire length on wire 4. 11. Text problem 27 ~ 42 part a Only 2 @tuufiuugg FigureZ 4v 3 x ® Q , Figure 1 Figure 3 4 , , ,,, 5‘31’1; e‘w’ W733 V )n T “in I paelflwéteé “1:2, 5% ~=> 8» :3 EN‘E’O {mafia ,0 v/ .fih , / @w T»; g; m. Ca vary/9+ r1; U GENE QHQ I“ 5'3 N67 00‘ Cg” , ’ BUT {1&5 TO Clil’zf,u.,€i‘%'§2 (JmQDC-‘E‘ 7’0 U/v/Faem 7': W70 "r r‘ ¢ . \‘Vx " VA“: l\"\ ,4. ‘fr K A ,_ ,g . pm- , ,.. V f I, WT J J " ‘ L $ v- fl::*"'/ "‘ 9,1,; (:2 X/o a7 ‘7‘ V ' / J: I / &)-v L?! 51’; \ [MI 5:. 1‘ ' V ’ LL 51:59} h {105) 0023/ __ I m. ‘ v-V L. '- (91 {/44 “3'5 ...
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HW9B_Sol_16_F11 - ORANGE couzxzrnv HOMEWORK SET 9 en ANGE...

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