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American Race Relations 01:790:333:01 STUDY QUESTIONS AND KEY TERMS version: December 13, 2011 This guide will be updated as the semester goes along, so be sure to look for the most recent version of it. I. MATERIAL UP TO EXAM 1 Wed, September 7: Introduction—How Accurate is Obama’s Analysis of Race? Evaluate the extent to which Obama’s speech is race-conscious and race-blind. What are King and Smith’s critiques of Obama’s speech on race? Thu, September 8: The Varieties of Racial Experience Identify ways in which racial categorizations in the United States is unique compared to other countries, such as France and Brazil. Identify ways in which US Census categories on race and ethnicity have changed over time. How does the Census define people of Hispanic/Latino/Spanish-speaking descent? Evaluate the extent to which race and ethnicity are different or similar concepts. Does ethnicity as a distinct category make sense? Why are some groups identified as “ethnic” and others as “racial”? Key Terms: one-drop rule/hypodescent rule OMB Statistical Policy Directive 15 WEEK 2. Mon, September 12. Sources of Racialization 1: Interests, Economics, and Politics What is the difference between how Field, on the one hand, and Omi and Winant on the other hand, conceive of race? Identify various ways in which economic interests can influence how race is constructed. Identify ways in which political interests can influence how race is constructed. Identify difference between how Wilson and Anthony Marx explain the divergence of race relations in Brazil and the United States post slavery. Why do wars tend to contribute to progress on civil rights for African Americans? Key Terms: split-labor market theory
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Wed, September 14. Sources of Racialization 2: Does Race Still Matter? Why does Sniderman think that biological racism matters less in contemporary politics? Why does Wilson think that race matters less in contemporary politics? Does one have to believe in biological inferiority of races to be a racist? Can color- blindness be racist? What is distinctive about Bonilla-Silva’s “racialized system approach” to racism? Key Terms: institutionalized racism implicit attitude test Mere Mention Experiment WEEK 3. Mon, September 19: Race and American Political Institutions What does the median voter model predict about how parties will respond to racial minorities? Does race matter when it is not being talked about as much as when it is being talked
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American+Race+Relations+Study+Questions - American Race...

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