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Common Web Issues - Go to 'Incomplete Order' to see items...

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Common Web Issues: Pricing Error / Code Not Applying 95% of all pricing errors are related to a coupon not working. Verify with Guest they are keying in the correct spelling of the code. EX: holidayshp25 does NOT have an 'I' in it, this is a common error that Guests are including an 'I' when they should not be. Verify the coupon they are entering has not expired Verify they are only using 1 coupon per order CI Error This means that a Guest has items in their basket that have been there for a while and cold be out of date. These items will have to be removed from Guest basket for them to be able to proceed. To release items: Pull up Guest Profile in ATG
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Unformatted text preview: Go to 'Incomplete Order' to see items in basket Click 'Edit Basket' Remove all items from basket Verification Error This means the CSV on the Credit Card could not be verified for whatever reason. Here is how you can respond to the Guest in this situation: 'Based on a variety of factors, our Fraud Detection system has prevented your order from being approved for shipment. Please check your billing and shipment information for accuracy, or please use another method of payment. Additionally, ULTA has over 424 store locations to serve your needs. To find a store near you, please visit:' ....
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Common Web Issues - Go to 'Incomplete Order' to see items...

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