HD-Support And Escalation Policy

HD-Support And Escalation Policy - AlpineAccessHelpDesk

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Alpine Access Help Desk – Support and Outage Escalation Policies and Procedures v.2.01 Summary Alpine Access is responsible for ensuring Alpine systems are available for CCP use in support of production. Alpine Access CCPs are responsible for their respective home computers and network as outlined in the Alpine Access Company policies posted in the Information Center in Web Center. (Tech Pay requirements policy and Home Office Equipment requirements policy). Alpine Access Help Desk has the primary objective of ensuring Alpine Access systems are operating normally and assisting CCPs when questions arise related to Alpine Access systems, access, and availability. Help Desk has a secondary objective which is to categorize technical problems either as Alpine System problems or CCP system problems. If a problem is an Alpine Systems problem, Help Desk will attempt to remediate quickly or escalate to IT tier 2 and tier 3 as necessary. CCPs are responsible for resolution of CCP systems per the Company policies. Alpine Access Help Desk can assist CCPs with CCP systems issues on an as available and best effort basis. However, HD assistance does not absolve the CCP from responsibility for maintaining their respective home based systems. HD Systems Support General Support (most of everything is supported with exceptions specified) o Web Center * o SoftPhone * o F5 VPN * o Instant Access * o Alpine Access Citrix * (AAA Cleveland, Ohio, AAA Pittsburgh/East Central, Blue Box, J
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HD-Support And Escalation Policy - AlpineAccessHelpDesk

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