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ULTA Detailed Notes

ULTA Detailed Notes - Work Info Tab should include just the...

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ALWAYS create a Remedy Ticket for EVERY CALL - there are no exceptions to this, we MUST have a Ticket for EVERY call we receive. ALWAYS capture Guest First Name / Last Name, Phone Number & Email Address for EVERY call. If you are requesting a Gift Card be sent to the Guest, you MUST include the contact information for the Guest in Remedy: First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Mailing Address. ALWAYS reference the Order Number or Store Number, if applicable, as well as the Gift Card amount to be sent. If your call involves an Order, always include the Order Number in Remedy. If your call involves the Rewards Program, always include BCC Number in Remedy. Detailed Notes should be documented in the Notes Section in Remedy.
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Unformatted text preview: Work Info Tab should include just the facts of the situation, all other details remain in the Notes section. Resolution should include just a brief outline of what you did to resolve the situation. Also, if you had to send an email to the DM , for example, the body of that email should also be copy & pasted into the Resolution Tab. Include Your Name when documenting notes in Remedy & ATG. Failure to capture and include these notes on every call and every email has a trickle affect and causes another unnecessary Guest Contact and / or extensive research. Many of the tickets that are reassigned can be resolved easily and quickly as long as we have all of the REQUIRED information! Failure to follow this process can result in Corrective Action being issued....
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