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Alpine Access Attendance Policy
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ALPINE ACCESS CCP ATTENDANCE POLICY Revised 02/01/2011 PURPOSE Employee attendance and schedule adherence is essential to the company’s success. Absenteeism and tardiness can be a very serious problem for the company as it is costly, causes unnecessary overtime, imposes additional work on co-workers and supervisors, disrupts schedules and creates morale problems. The purpose of the Alpine Access Attendance Policy is to establish expectations around employee schedules and time off guidelines. This policy applies to all non-corporate employees in the Customer Care Professional (CCP) role who are not assigned to the IBM/Citi or AMEX programs. This policy supersedes all previous communications regarding reliability, time off and adherence policies including but not limited to, company reliability policies, program specific policies, vacation and sick pay policies and all other policies concerning reliability, attendance, time off and adherence. SUMMARY This table is a summary of the Attendance Policy. Please refer to the following pages for a full description of the policy. Expectations Employees are responsible to be logged in and available for work at the start of their scheduled shift. Employees unable to work their scheduled shift (this includes the entire shift or any part of their shift) must note ETC (or notify WFM via the Adherence Line, if ETC is unavailable) and call their immediate supervisor. If missing an entire shift, employee must note ETC and call immediate supervisor prior to when the shift begins. If leaving early, employee must note ETC and call immediate supervisor prior to leaving the scheduled shift. Time Off Employees are eligible for Unpaid Time-Off (UPTO) and accrue 10% of hours worked. Employees may request UPTO once they start production. Time off should be requested 2 weeks in advance and must have WFM approval and the employee’s immediate supervisor must be notified. Corrective Action The following situations may result in disciplinary action: - Excessive use of UPTO resulting in a negative balance - No Call No Show (NCNS) - Excessive tech issues, tardiness and unapproved absences
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EXPECTATIONS Regular attendance and punctuality are essential for efficient operation of the business and ongoing success for our clients and Alpine Access. Our clients enter into contracts with Alpine Access to support their business needs/call volume. Excessive absenteeism and tardiness may result in inadequate support of our clients’ needs and may cause them to re-evaluate the partnerships they have with Alpine Access. Employees are responsible to be logged in and available for work at the start of their scheduled shift. Employees will be paid for appropriate setup time prior to beginning of shift. Appropriate setup time will be determined and specified by each program and will vary based on program. If an employee is unable to take his/her scheduled break on time, it must be taken within 15
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