ap gov. ch. 13 outline til 338

ap gov. ch. 13 outline til 338 - Jessie Chen 2/26/08 Ch. 13...

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Jessie Chen 2/26/08 Ch. 13 . 324-328 Outline Who is in Congress? Sex and Race from 2950 to 2005. women in House from 9 to 59, AA from 2 to 37. 23 Hispanic Senate changed more slowly til now. 2004- 1 AA and 14 women in Senate Hispanic and AA does control house, chair committees. 1995 Repub control of house reduced minority influence. Incumbency: 1800s most ppl served 1 term. Cognressman in those days not as a career b/c fed gov. wasn’t imp. And travel to DC was hard, and didn’t pay well. 1950s = Congress became a career. 1 st termers from 58% to 8%. People start complaining about ‘prof. politicians’ out of touch w/ ppl. Natural force to limit term : 1) congressional district lines redrawn in 1990-couldn’t carry new districts 2) voters disgusted at scandals in Washington, like candidates that call themselves the ‘outsider’ 3)1994 Repub victory brought new faces to house when south went from Dem. To REpub 2004- only 10/400 House incumbents ran for reelection lost. Marginal districts: cand. Win house by less than 55% of vote Safe districts: win by more than 55% of vote. Safe district winning increased from 50s to 70s, still high in 90s. Safer margins b/c: 1) tv and media 2) less party support to vote for person than party 3) vote for person who’s known, incumbent = free mailings 4) incumbents use power to get prgms passed for districts = mak ppl happy. Incumbency = no dramatic change in composition of Congress Party: Dem- controlled both houses in 25 Congresses, at least 1 house in 29. Dem. Control of House. Repub won more % votes of House than the actual seats. b/c 1) Dem. Drew lines hard for Repub to win. 1994 = 1 st Repub majority in Congress in 4 decades. Dem. Would win w/o gerrymandering b/c had more votes. – do well in low turnout districts and
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ap gov. ch. 13 outline til 338 - Jessie Chen 2/26/08 Ch. 13...

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