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ap gov. ch. 13 p. 317-324

ap gov. ch. 13 p. 317-324 - Jessie Chen AP Gov 3rd Ch 13...

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Jessie Chen AP Gov 3 rd 2/25/2008 Ch. 13 Congress Continuity of Government Commission created after 9/11 to check 3 branches of gov., focused most on Congress b/c most power Today and back then knew Congress as 1 st branch of gov. with most power. Now mnay think it needs to be fixed. Object of mass public mistrust, elite reform proposals. Reveals most about American politics. Senator Daniel Monihan of NY said US Congress only legislative branch that can work indep. Of the executive. Congress Vs. Parliament Latin America + US has congress; GB +Euro has parliaments. Congress = latin word coming together, a meeting, as of reps from diff. places. Parlia = French word, parler, means to talk Differences = 1) how one becomes member 2) what one does as a member. Become member of Parlia.**= By persuading a political party to put their name on ballot then to national prgm. Choose between parties, not candidates. In US Congress **= run in primary, political party lil control of who runs. No party label in primaries-only on personalities, issues, etc. even in GE ppl vote for the man, not the party. Parlia = people loyal to national party leadership meet and vote on party issues Congress= ppl think as indep. Reps of districts and support party matters but vote as a
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