ap gov. ch. 14 Outline - Jessie Chen 3rd period AP Gov Ch....

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Jessie Chen 3 rd period AP Gov Ch. 14 Outline Presidents and Prime Ministers: America started popularly elected pres. . most in No.&So. America. PM chosen by Parlia. = Euro / Japan. Fra = pres and PM by parlia. PM chosen by legislature- then picks other ministers from members of Parlia. If bipartisan then majority if many parties(like Italy) then coalition cabinet Voters choose members of Parlia by party voting and PM stays in power as long his party remains in power. **Pres. Are often outsiders**- show voters not involved in DC scandals but PM has to be insider b/c picked by Parlia. **Pres. Choose Cabinet members from Outside Congress** - but PM’s cabinet members always from Parlia.= exercise control of legislature. In Bush’s mostly friends, aids, campaign people, only 4/15 from Congr. **Pres. Have no guaranteed majority in legislature**- PM always has majority or else someone else is PM. Congress often controlled by opposite party = dividd gov.- cooperation harder. Even when same party 2 branches work at cross purposes Kennedy, Carter, Johnson, FDR had a Dem. Congr. But still couldn’t get bills passed Divided Government: Bet. 1952-2000 , 16/24 Congresses were divided gov.: one party controls the White House and a diff. party conrols Congr. Unified gov: the same party controls the white house and both houses of Congr. Americans say they don’t like divided gov. produces policy gridlock and partisan bickering. 1) not clear if divided gov. w/ gridlock is better than unified gov. 2) not clear if gridlock is bad. Gridlock: The inability of the government to act because rival parties control diff. parts of gov. Does Gridlock Matter?: Divided gov. do about the same as unified ones in passing imp. Laws, investigations, etc. laws likely to be passed in unified as divided
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ap gov. ch. 14 Outline - Jessie Chen 3rd period AP Gov Ch....

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