ap gov 250-262 - Jessie Chen 2/6/08 3rd period AP Gov...

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Jessie Chen 2/6/08 3 rd period AP Gov Outline p. 250-262 New sources of money: Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act- stimulated ppl to find other ways to spend political money 527 organizations: organizations that under section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code, raise and spend money to advance political causes. can spend their money on politics as long as they don’t coordinate w/ a cand. Or lobby directly for that person. Lesson = campaign finance laws are not likely to take money out of politics Money and winning: In GE doesn’t make diff. b/c both major party cand. Have same about by fed. Gov. Pres. Election decided by 3 things: political party affiliation, state of the econ, character of cand. In good econ times the party holding White House does well. In poor times is the opposite = pocketbook vote Character: is the cand. Reliable, issues, speaker, likable? Money doesn’t make diff in winner of GE. Other factors that don’t make much of a diff: VP nom., political reporting, religion, abortion But in Congress. Races money does make diff. buying name recognition expensive, challengers need to spend more money to be known.
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ap gov 250-262 - Jessie Chen 2/6/08 3rd period AP Gov...

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