ap gov ch. 11 outline p. 278-end

ap gov ch. 11 outline p. 278-end - Jessie Chen 3rd period...

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Jessie Chen 3 rd period AP Gov 2/11/08 Ch.11 Outline P.278-end The Problem of Bias: 2 reasons for bias belief: 1) rich ppl more likely to join and be active, 2) business groups better Richer ppl have money to join, business more organized. 2/3 in DC groups = corps, 1/3= professional trade assoc. only 4% = public interest groups. Less than 2% were civil rights/minority groups.170 oil industry orgs. But business interests are divided- i.e.- farmers. Decline in number of farmers. Southern farmer views diff. from Midwest farmers. 1980s consumer aware of food prices, no more farm support prgms. Many conflicts within politically active elites. Need to analyze outputs, not just input The Activities of Interest Groups: Size and wealth no longer big measures. Key = ability to generate publicity. Information: Supplying credible info. b/c short supply, legislators don’t know everything Lobbyists gather info & present it persuasively. Exaggerate, but not lie. Maintaining trust is essential. Greatest info when issue is narrow Value of info and power of lobbyist least when issue is broad. “client politics”- gives a great advantage to suppliers of info and burden on would be suppliers of contrary info. i.e.- CAB, make own airline rules before ppl said anything FCC, or oil companies having info before FEA(Fed. Energy admin) Political cue: a signal telling a legislator what values are stake in a vote, and how that issue fits into his or her own political views on party agenda. Sometimes legislators feel comfortable being on the extreme, look at how certain groups view it, like NAACP for liberal and NRA for conserve. Lobbyists often work together in informal coalitions based on general political ideo. Ratings:
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ap gov ch. 11 outline p. 278-end - Jessie Chen 3rd period...

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