ap gov ch. 12 outline p.292-303 - Jessie Chen 2/12/08 3rd...

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Jessie Chen 2/12/08 3 rd period AP Gov Ch. 12 Outline p. 292-303 Ppl consider blogs to be the New Media. Media regulate themselves Depend on media for advancement of their careers but fear their powers to criticize. Politicians increasingly dependent on media. Media have great freedom than other nations. Freest in the world. More stricter laws governing libel in GB. In US libel laws make it almost impossible to prevent press criticisms. GB = Official Secrets Act- punish any past/present public officials who leak info to press US = Freedom of Info act = easy for press to get docs from gov. Newspaper in US no regulation. But radio and TV licenses by FCC(Fed commun. Commission) . but lately FCC control lessened Limits to the freedom of privately owned media: 1) must make a profit = distort the news for an audience. 2) media bias- have their own views. Journalism in American Political History: Nature of politics respond to changes in commun. The Party Press: In early years politicians sponsored parties to further their interests possible b/c circulation was small, and newspaper was expensive. Newspaper mainly circulating around politicians and elites. Required fed. Subsidies Federalists by Hamilton made Gazette of the US. Repubs by Jefferson made National Gazette editor Philip Freneau. Then started National Intelligencer w/ Harrison Smith. Andrew Jackson made Washington Globe All party sided, no both sides of an issue The Popular Press: Development of high speed rotary press = cheap and quick 1840s- invention of telegraph = quick news access. 1848- creation of Associated Press let telegraph to give info- had to be brief so couldn’t be partisan / biased. As urbanization ppl bought penny per copy papers. No longer needed political patronage. 1860- Gov. Printing Office established- ended printing contracts in DC Partisan only comes from editors and writers. Blended political beliefs w/ econ interest. Attract readers by sensationalism: violence, romance, etc. practiced by Joseph Pulitzer and
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ap gov ch. 12 outline p.292-303 - Jessie Chen 2/12/08 3rd...

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